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Deluge: The Marketplace for Trustworthy E-Commerce

Deluge is a scam-proof, blockchain based ecommerce marketplace. It will be powered by the Deluge Token(DLG). Deluge provides a 2 way escrow service by utilizing the power of smart contracts on the Near Network. No hidden fees as all transactions are handled with private keys granting complete control of your fund.
Creating Future

What we do?

Deluge is a Platform which is focused in market section of B2C and C2C. The platform can be used by buisnesses to list products and by users to buy products.

Why Deluge?

We know the pain of scams online which pop ups in news. It not only hurts customer as well as small businesses too. Building a business is already hard but consistently bad news hurts the reputation on brands also. We believe in trust and blockchain if fundamentally build for people and by people which makes deluge a one of a kind solution that brands build trust and keep customers safe by using NEAR blockchain at it’s core.

How it Works?

Here's a simple working of deluge, how it will roughly be like once it's launched.
General Flow

A Simple General Flow with interacting parties of deluge

Product Listing Journey

Business → Request a Product Listing → Product Verification → Product Listed to their shop

User Buying Journey

Customer → Buys a product → Money gets into escrow → Active Order Created → Business fulfills the order → Customer receives the products → Customer rates the business → A NFT is generated for the product.

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Rating Journey

Businesses are rated from the
- Customer's Satisfaction
- Their Fulfillment rate

Recent Blogs

Deluge born in Near NCE, Here's Everything from the start.


Here's the team, which is behind deluge's Development.
Prince Anuragi

We are building deluge to help people. And constant feedback is what propelling us build it better.

Shivani Jaiswal

Working on building mobile friendly application for deluge.

Gandhali Shinde

Working on building UI/UX for marketplace of Deluge.

Give us Feedback

Deluge is in initial stages and it is being built on feedback from people.
We really love to serve our customers and it is always a pleasure to build solution for people. || Link to Form ||


Yes, Totally, All the actions you make for any transaction are directly made to blockchain not to any server.
NEAR is a development platform build on a sharded, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain designed for usability.
If product is damaged, you can return it at the moment, and once buisness recieves your product back you will get your tokens back. If you didn;t recieved your product within 14 days, it will automatically trigger tokens refund.